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Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read about me. Not really sure why you'd want to do that, but I'm flattered. Actually, I think you might be better of reading one of my books, newspaper articles or website contributions.

Everyone takes on some form of Financial Risk during their lives. This might be buying a house or car, getting married or dabbling in the markets. But how many people really understand what risks they are taking on. It is my mission to make risk more easily understood, so you can make better decisions.

Understand Financial Risk in a Day book cover

Understand Financial Risk

Risk management is all about minimising risks and maximising opportunities.

As an introduction to this subject, Understanding Financial Risk in a Day aims to give the reader a greater awareness of how to evaluate the risks they are facing and adapt a suite of suitable strategies to avoid financial loss.

A plethora of risk management techniques are discussed and the best tools selected for dealing with each aspect.

Four editions published in English and Chinese (風險管理一日通)

Timing the Financial markets book cover

Timing the Financial Markets

This book shows all levels of investors, step-by-step, how to construct charts and graphs of price movements for bonds, shares and commodities. It then explains in easy to understand language how to interpret the results and predict share movements.

"This is an excellent little book - easy and straight forward. Ideal for someone considering entering into the world of stocks and shares."

Two editions published in English and Chinese (計時金融市場)

Dictionary of derivatives book cover

Dictionary of Derivatives

A dictionary of terms designed to aid all those involved, or about to become involved, with these complex financial instruments. The International Dictionary of Derivatives includes a comprehensive set of derivative definitions in simple English from A to Z. Nothing is missed out, with explanations and diagrams from Accrual Options and Agrigation through to ZEPOs and Zero Gain Collars. Both the seasoned professional and the inexperienced novice, wherever they are in the world, will find this book full of indispensable facts.

International edition in no fewer than 11 formats

Other Works

Starting & Running a Business on the Internet

Collaboration with Tim Ireland.

This book will take you from the very basics to "going live" with a brand new Internet business and taking orders from around the world.

Making Money on the Internet

Also published as "Complete Beginner's Guide to Making Money on the Internet" and "The Complete Australian Guide to Making Money on the Internet"

An early beginners guide to the subject when ecommerce was just beginning

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